Synthetic Ties

Photographer: Silvia Abisaab



Synthetic Ties Exhibition Performance on April 4, 2014 at Silver Screen Salon (1718 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, MO).

This performance shines a light on sisterhood, the bond shared between two women or the client and stylist. Capturing the involvement and dialogue of getting your hair done.

Hairstylists: Krystal Jolicoeur, Andrea Alexander, Raylona Brown, Imani Nixon
Clients: Glyneisha Johnson, Whitney Johnson, Nandi Harrison, Brilynn McNeal, Hayveyah McGowan, Banke Bajela, Mariah Blackburn


Hairstylist: Andrea Alexander, Client: Hayveyah McGowan, Photographer: Silvia Abisaab


Hairstylist: Imani Nixon, Client: Whitney Johnson, Photographer: Silvia Abisaab


Hairstylist: Krystal Jolicoeur, Client: Nandi Harrison, Photographer: Silvia Abisaab


Hairstylist: Raylona Brown, Client: Glyneisha Johnson, Photographer: Silvia Abisaab