Sacred Cloth Installation_1.jpg

Sacred Cloths Performance


Sacred Cloths is a performance of Sacred Cloths I, II, & III. 2017, Performer: Stevie Stevens, Videographer: Terell Davis, Choreographer: SHENEQUA, Assistant: Grace Kromah. This video has sound of me weaving the cloths on the jacquard loom.



Digitally documenting the women in my life working, cooking, cleaning, gossiping, and celebrating in domestic spaces. I proceeded to take those archived images and transform them into a pattern (on Photoshop) that is woven on the jacquard loom. Once the cloth is removed from the loom it is arranged and sewn into a sacred cloth. The cloths are performed on the body in relation to the sound of me weaving. Symbolizing courage, power, pain, strength, and love taken from the relationships built between me and the women in my life. Sacred meaning a space or moment in time shared intimately and lovingly between the body and cloth.