Thank You My Ghana Family

Traveling to Ghana I went there with an open mind and came back a transformed woman. Ghana is enriched with birth, life, and death in which are all celebrated joyously as a community. For most of my stay I lived in Anloga, a village located in Keta District of the Volta Region in southeast Ghana. It is a beautiful village filled with polite and giving people. Living there for three months changed my whole perspective on my life for the better surrounded by loving and caring individuals. Being an African-American woman living in the United States I knew what the dictionary definition of a community was, but never fully understood what a community really meant until I traveled to Africa. Anloga is a community where people knew who their neighbors were and had a family relation with them. They referred to one another as my brotha and my sista. Eating akple with okra stew at the table for lunch and ken key with fried fish and pepper for dinner filled my stomach daily. Ghanians are benevolent people who celebrate life everyday with their families. I celebrated life everyday until my return to the United States. I will never forget you all and all the wonderful stories we shared! Thank you Nii Quarcoopome, Grandma Hilaria, Sebastian Dayi, Tokalee, Milo Milo, Sista Epey, Michael, Charles, Power, Elder, Senna, Musah, Albert, & Martin just to name a few.
    “I’m happy to have Shenequa because I really believe in destiny, if it wasn’t for destiny she wouldn’t come to me.”- Grandma Hilaria.